Friday, March 19, 2010

Gifts From My Kitten

How many of you have a kitten? Or a cat? My little wiggles has taken it upon herself to drop off presents during the night. She leaves them right outside the deck doors. Yesterday it was a shriveled up mouse on the kitchen deck. Today, it was a shrunken squirrel head outside on the deck outside my bedroom. What a lovely thing to see when I open my curtains....GROSS.

My husband tells Wiggles that she needs to be catching mice, but I don't think she gets that she's supposed to catch the LIVE mice instead of bringing home the already dead.

I have posted some gross stuff this week, maybe next week will be better!!!



  1. Hi LuLu,

    I found your blog while blog hopping through Friday Follow. Have a wonderful week-end. Your cat is precious!

  2. Wiggles hasn't brought anything else home this week, but the tail is still lying on the deck and the squirrel head!

  3. No....I threw the squirrel head on the needs to be buried!

  4. Yikes! and she looks so cute & innocent.

    Following from MBC

  5. Oh Yucky! Better you than me! I have dogs for that reason. Wiener dogs with short legs that can't catch much, haha

    Following from MBC =)


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