Thursday, February 23, 2012

Way to go Mom!

 Not my mom, but friend Julie who is my upline....she's amazing!

My mom just called me with some great news and I'm excited so like it or not, I'm going to share it with you guys, or I guess I should say gals!

She has been struggling with extremely high blood pressure and cholesterol and has been on A LOT of medications which of course have been causing other side effects. she went to her Dr. and called me the minute she was done. Her levels are NORMAL and she's cutting her meds in half, and hopefully will be completely off of them soon! The Dr. was amazed.

How? Well, you can thank my new business for that! She's been on Bios Life since last May and things have been getting better ever since, but today....that was BIG. Even her Dr. is interested in the product. I'm not sure how many inches or lbs. she's lost along the way but she has gone from a 10 to a 2 and she never was big to start with...she is kind of short (sorry mom) though!!!

Anyway, had to share the good news with you, and of course, here's my pitch: go HERE if you're interested in helping yourself or someone you love!


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