Sunday, February 5, 2012

Knitting with old t-shirts

It's always fun to try something new when mix it up a bit!  I took a bunch of old t-shirts and cut them into strips and then knotted the strips together, once the strips were all knotted together I rolled them up into a ball and made a nice little rug! I love this rug, it fits perfectly under my laundry basket to keep my wood floor from getting scratched. A larger rug would be perfect for in the bathroom. It is very plush. I taught a 4H'er how to do this and she used bright colored t-shirts, her rug is adorable and won a ribbon at the county fair!

It really doesn't matter how wide you cut the strips, as long as you keep them consistent, I think I used a size 13 needles. Next I would like to try something with all of the twine we have from hay bales!  Any ideas?



  1. Followed you via WBC!

    Nancy @

  2. I am crocheting a t-shirt rug. Fun!
    When I was in 4-H years ago, I made a twine belt.
    Knitting is so fun!


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