Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Ugly Picture Makeover!

The other day I got this great idea...I decided I needed something for all of my antique pins and other jewels, but of course, I couldn't just buy something already made, I came up with a brilliant idea. But then, I had to go thrifting at the Goodwill to find what I ugly picture, as for the other items, I had them laying around in my sewing room!

I truly wanted to make this a tutorial, but my camera was being ornery so I have a few photos and will explain the how-to the best I can!

My supplies:  an ugly canvas picture mounted on a a 2 inch wooden frame, 1 button, felt, antique handkerchief, antique trim, scrap of muslin, hot glue and hooks stolen from my husband's pole barn!

Kind of ugly right?


I cut the muslin about 3-4 inches larger than the frame, then traced the frame on the back side of the muslin for measurements.  I also cut 4 layers of felt the same size as the frame.


I folded the handkerchief, then using the markings on the muslin I determined where to sew it onto the muslin, I only sewed the bottom of the handkerchief, I attached the upper flap with a wooden button, which is now hidden by the brooch.  By not sewing the top, and with the way the handkerchief is folded it makes a nice pocket for bracelets!

Folded in half to form a triangle then turned the bottom of the triangle up to form a 'pocket'

Then I layered the felt onto the front of the picture, layered the muslin over it, then pulled the muslin tight and neatly hot-glued it to the back of the frame, I did the sides first, then the corners.  After that, I took my trim and laid it onto the muslin and hot glued it on as well. 
My last step was adding the 5 hooks on the bottom.  I measured it out to make sure they were evenly spaced, took a hammer and a nail to start the holes, then twisted in my hooks! is the finished work of art with my antique jewel collection!

If you click on the photos you can see them closer up for a better idea of the trim work.  The little bit of gold on the bottom right of the handkerchief happens to be an antique bracelet peeking out of the 'pocket'!

....if you have any questions about this not so photographed tutorial let me know and I'll help you out!


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