Thursday, December 8, 2011

'Tis the Season for Knitting

I have been a bad knitter lately, my daughter got her drivers license this Spring, so I've had a lot less driving around to do, a lot less sitting around to do during 4H events...which in turn meant a lot less time to fill with knitting, a sad turn of events whichever way you look at it!

Now that it's cold out, I'm getting back into my's about time, after all...this is not just a reading, review blog, it's supposed to be about knitting as well!

Here's a dishcloth I just finished up for a gift exchange, I really love this pattern and the color as well, I truly hated to give it up, it was a very simple and fast cloth to knit up.

The pattern is Leaf Lace Washcloth and can be found on Ravelry HERE,

..And I'm almost finished knitting this scarf for my mom...I really like the scarf, but knitting a scarf YUCK, I seriously do NOT like to knit scarves!  This pattern was not so fast to knit up and at times I thought it resembled a big alligator, but I do like it, and once I get it blocked the pattern will really POP!

This pattern is also on Ravelry HERE
 ...and this is what it will look like when it's finished and blocked...hmmm, I'm kind of liking this green version, maybe in a summer weight yarn, and love the flowers too!

...and yes, I realize my photography is dismal at best, I really need to work on that (frequently told so by my daughter as well as my self!)  I'm sure you'll enjoy the photos on Ravelry much more!


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  1. I like both of those patterns! I don't knit and really don't have any interest in it, but your stuff sure looks great!


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