Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Wednesday and Some Baby Alpaca's!

Welcome Wednesday!  If you're visiting from the hop....leave me a message and I'll come visit you!  Oh, and while you're here...go on and enter my apple cloth giveaway!

Yesterday we went to the Alpaca farm where my daughter is learning all about Alpaca's and how to show them....they are the funniest creatures.  One of the males was spitting at a female, must have been a spat or else he was overly anxious to be bred...which we never got to!  The girls weighed the alpaca's and scooped poop, Alpaca poop really stinks!

There were a few babies, one that was only 2 days old and 13 pounds...very cute!  They get up and start running around within 45 minutes of being born...thank goodness human babies don't do that!

So enough about that, but I really wanted to share some photos with you, so enjoy!
This little one is only 2 days old!



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    Those Lamas are adorable

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