Friday, October 22, 2010

Book Review: The Vigilante's Bride

Vigilante's Bride, The

The Vigilante's Bride, by Yvonne Harris

At the age of 18, living and working in an orphanage Emily is told there is no longer room for her and that she is highly suggested to marry a wealthy man she has never met.  Bartholomew Axel of Montana.  Told that Mr. Axel is wealthy and respected and left with no other option, Emily agrees. 

Never in Emily's wildest dreams did she expect that her stagecoach would be robbed and she abducted.  An abduction that her abductor considered a rescue!  Luke Sullivan did not give Emily much choice in the matter of her abduction, and he deposited her at his childhood home, New Hope, another home for orphans!  Soon Emily is thrown into a web, Mr. Axel of course is not very happy that his bride has been abducted, especially when he learns his long-time enemy has done it.  Emily soon learns of the evil surrounding Mr. Axel, and learns some truths about Luke as well.
Emily enjoys her new home at Molly's and helping with the children, what she doesn't overly enjoy is the ever present Luke even though he does tend to show up when she most needs him!

This was an enjoyable read, vigilante's, abductor's, full of wild west action and a lot of soul searching!  I can't imagine being a mail-order bride, and it is a bit disturbing to think of being in a situation where one would feel as though such a thing is her only option.  Emily is the perfect character for this book, her spunk comes through and adds a bit of humor and shows you how she is able to get through the worst of times!

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*I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, this did not in any way alter my opinion.

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