Friday, October 15, 2010

Birhtday Cakes Galore!

Last weekend we celebrated my two nephew's and my niece's birthdays, they live 4 hours away so it was a weekend ordeal and guess who made the cakes....that's right, ME. I must say, they turned out awesome, and the pictures don't do them justice.

My 10 yr old nephew's cake was white with raspberry filling
My 5 yr old nephew's cake was chocolate with cherry filling

My 2 year old niece....couldn't wait to get a taste of the lemon filled lemon cake!
There's always a bit of stress while transporting cakes out of state, and of course, this time did not go off without a hitch. Somewhere along the way, I'm not certain, but I'm thinking it's when my dear husband did a U-Turn at the end of our road, the octopus' head fell backward and slammed into the back of the cake box. That would be the reason I ALWAYS take extra icing with me on these trips!!!


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  1. You must have been in WI! Great cakes! You're very brave to travel with 3 cakes!!


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