Saturday, May 29, 2010

Misfits in the laundry

I'm curious about something....what do YOU find in the laundry? Besides the rolled up dirty socks that come off of boys, the crumpled up tissue left in pockets, or the stray pen that totally ruins your clothing, what crazy items have you found?

This week I have found:
3 arrow inserts
1 pocket knife
Strands of hay
and a safety pin past loads I have found horse treats, dog treats, and of course, a lot of money!



  1. Pokemon cards, my dad's casino cards, army men, candy, play phones, all kinds of things. Most of the time it's due to my 6 yr old.

  2. I'm sure the cards didn't fare too well in the laundry! How about the candy? I'm always telling my son to clean out his pockets..and he's almost 14!

  3. The suckers always end up stuck down in the corner of his jeans pocket. I have to scrape the candy out and then rewash. The pockets always stain, but at least it's on the inside.

  4. Yuck! A few years ago when my brother was visiting I washed his jeans, something red ended up in the load and his very expensive jeans were a 'little' pink! He was not real happy but I helped him turn them back to their original color. Oops!


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