Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Review: Sing: A Novel of Colorado, by Lisa T. Bergren

Sing:  A Novel of Colorado, by Lisa Bergren is book 2 in the Homeward Trilogy. I have not read book 1, hopefully I will find a copy soon! I do not feel that you need to read book 1 first, I guess I would like to have known what Odessa's illness was, but other than that Sing is a book that can stand on its own.

This is a book about Moira, one of the 3 St. Claire siblings.  I believe that each of the 3 books is based on a particular sibling.  Nic St. Claire is taken aboard a ship against his will, Odessa and her husband live on a ranch and have become devastated by their losses, Moira finds herself out of work and stolen from.  The lives of these three weave around a plot of possible family destruction when they are hunted by an old acquaintance bent on bringing them down.  Mixed amongst trails and hardship a tale of love is woven, heartbreak, strength and the will to move on makes this an excellent book.

I simply cannot wait to read book 3, and find myself a copy of the first book as well!  I love the cover image as well, the colors tend to grab you and the partial picture of Moira leaves you wanting more!

*This book was given to me for review by, I have not been compensated for my honest review.


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