Friday, May 7, 2010

Garage Sale Saturday !

I live for this weekend...every year on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend a nearby town has a huge city-wide sale. Lots of cities in the 'burbs have sales, but not like this one! We're talking about over 200 sales, biffies (portable pots), concessions....this is one crazy sale! My hubby went out of town and left me the truck...I wonder, does that mean something? The streets are literally clogged with people pulling suitcases suitcases on wheels, wagons, and the like....can't wait to find some deals!  Woohoo!

Ok....I just printed off 6 pages of addresses for the sale, yes, people actually advertise this sale online!  I do have my favorites that I go to each know, the homes with teenagers who buy expensive clothes, then there are the yarn ladies, and the guys like the fishing sales!

Here's to a good night sleep.....I'll post my great finds tomorrow if I don't get lost!

Oh, and it happens to be snowing, not exactly prime garage sale shopping weather, maybe it'll keep the hoards away!

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  1. I am so ready for some more garage sale-ing!


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