Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heart Break Pill Book Review

Anjanette Delgado reaches any woman who has ever been in love and had her heart broken in her book, The Heartbreak Pill. Erika Luna is happily married, or so she thinks, until her husband leaves her for another woman. Erika goes through the usual agonies of a broken marriage, but she puts her feelings to work. While creating The Heartbreak Pill she has tantrums, bouts of love, confusion and many funny moments which delve into our deepest human emotions. While developing her pill she not only learns about herself but comes to terms with her lost marriage in this most unusual book about love and heartbreak.

I recommend this book, it was a nice new twist on love and break-up. Not your normal loves go bad kind of book but one that will make you think about the heart. How many times does one laugh over heartbreak? Anjanette Delgado supplies the laughter as well as the imagination!

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