Wednesday, May 20, 2009

After Hours at the Almost Home Book Review

After Hours at the Almost Home, by Tara Yellen

After Hours at the Almost Home, by Tara Yellen is a book that makes you think, is home your house or where you spend most of your time? This book is a whirlwind of characters, thoughts and feelings. As you spend a night working in the bar, Almost Home, you learn about each character. JJ, a new employee gives us the opportunity to see each character from the eyes of an outsider while we learn more intimate details from those who have worked together longer. This book makes you wonder, do these people not want to go home, do they feel more comfortable at work? One begins to feel as though work is home. Will Colleen learn to be a better parent, will Lena stop irritating everyone, what about Marna, where did she disappear to? As you read these characters almost find themselves, but yet tend to leave you hanging.

This was an interesting book, the scene was very limited, but the characters were quite vibrant. I would recommend this book because of the insight you can receive by just reading and thinking about the characters in the story. As yourself the question: what is home? By reading this book, you may have a better answer to the question, it will at least make you think, and appreciate.

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