Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sewing Love

Lately I've been doing a lot more sewing than knitting and reading!  I have an etsy store and it was going strong, then I dropped the ball and my stock ran low...SO....now I need to get back in the game.

Anyway, when I sew I generally use PDF patterns which are written a lot better than those pesky patterns you buy in store....you know, those patterns on thin paper that shred easily, you cut one size, then you're out of luck if you ever need another?  PDF patterns are AWESOME.  Many are set up so you can print in layers, which means you print the size you want, but can always come back and print another size later since you have the file saved on your computer.  Also, these patterns make so much more sense.

I test patterns for a designer or two.  What does that mean?  Well...it's actually pretty awesome.  The designer creates the pattern, then asks us to try it out.  Which means that in the end you end up with a pattern that fits great and is easy to understand.  We try to catch the typo's, we try to catch things that the designer may not, since all levels of sewists test the patterns!

This past week I tested an awesome pattern for ...the Boyfriend Cardigan is all the rage these days, and this one is just perfect.  I generally sew and sell children's items, but take custom orders for adult items so it's fun to try out new patterns and build my 'stash' of great items to sew!

Anyway, do you sew?  If you do....you can buy this pattern at 20% off through 9/19 using code 'sewallthecardigans' at Love Notions tiered pricing is also available, so the more you buy, the more you save!

My daughter took these photos of me....isn't she a great photographer?

I used a thicker knit for my cardigan, and left off the pockets, you can add the pockets, and leave the hood off, the pattern also comes in kid sizes!

Don't sew?  Well, now you know who to ask for your very own cardigan!  My store is on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lilpieceofattitude  hopefully it will be 'popping' with all kinds of new children's items soon! 


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