Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some knitting inspiration!

Ok my friends.....I am in TROUBLE again......I'm sitting here waiting for my lunch to be done (left-over home made lasagne) and decide to scroll through the craftsy website.  It's getting cooler here and I'm getting in a knitting mood again.

Oh boy....they have some CUTE patterns, of course the ones I'm falling in love with are for babies, and I have no babies, no one I know has maybe I'll just knit up a stash in preparation for when my 17 and 18 year old finish up school/college, get jobs, get married and then FINALLY have kids!  Provided the moths don't eat my stash by then!

Anyway, just have to share some of these photos with you while I try to decide which ones to buy.....and of course, I already have some free patterns in my cart!

Knitting: Knit Baby Doll Patterns  Knitting: Daisy Baby Booties
Knitting: Knitting pattern Babies Shoes Sock Knitting: 'Owl Be There' Family of Animal Hats 
 Knitting: Baby Pants Diaper CoverKnitting: Rolled Brim Hat for a Girl
Knitting: Entrelac Scarf

Here's a link that will get you to the Craftsy site!  Let me know if you buy anything knitting patters....or get any free ones......

We all need a little inspiration from time to time, I love seeing knitting projects, done, in the works, doesn't matter, love to hear about them too, so don't be shy....let me know what you're working on!



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