Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Retro Home Decor

I LOVE retro.....I live in a log home and most of my decor is antique, but would love to do a more retro home, if only!

Mix and match works if you do it right, add a little bit here and there, after all, who wants their home to look like a museum?

Mod Cloth has started a new line, that's right, Retro Home Decor, now if you've ever shopping their clothing/accessory lines you'll know how excited I am about this!

Aren't these nightlights adorable?
Furnish & Decorate - The Still of the Nightlight

...and how about this pencil sharpener?

Furnish & Decorate - Sharp Image Pencil Sharpener

and this bedding?  LOVE IT
Memories Made Anew Quilt in Twin

Now that I have so many more options at Mod Cloth my packages won't just be filled with clothing!  Is that good or bad?  I'm not so sure.


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