Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Review: How to go From I Hate My Job to I Love My Career

About the Book: (From back cover)

This book is for you if:
You're sick of dreading Monday morning.

You're ready to build a network that gets your foot in the door.

You're sending out countless resumes without any luck.

You want the secrets to acing your interview.

You're not being paid the salary you deserve.

You're ready for more than motivational slogans: you want to know HOW to create a career you love.

About the Author
Stephanie grew up in small town Wisconsin and is now based out of Washington, D.C.

With nearly a decade of human resources experience, Stephanie Goetsch entrepreneur, career strategist and founder of the Exchange Network, is dedicated to positioning entrepreneurs and corporate professionals for personal and professional success in whole lives they love.

Previously entrenched in day-to-day staffing and human resources issues in corporate America, Stephanie had the opportunity to see and do it all.  Her prior roles provided her the opportunity to travel both domestically and internationally to interview and hire countless employees while also counseling and directing them through some of their most important personal and career decisions.

While considered a rising powerhouse in her field, Stephanie grew increasingly dissatisfied with her own career path and left the security of corporate America to establish the Exchange Network, parent company for HerExchange and Spark Career Strategy.  In an increasingly stressful and competitive job market, Stephanie understands that informed actions create positive results.

You can learn more about Stephanie and purchase her book HERE 

MY THOUGHTS This is an amazing read.  A small book, packed with power.

Throughout the book you will find 'worksheets' where you can write your thoughts, take notes and create a vision.

Stephanie will first help you find your Spark, help you realize Who you Know, help you with your Resume, take you through the mystery of the Interview, help you Seal the Deal and in the end, she'll give you additional resources!

If you are looking for a career change and job happiness, you simply must read this book, it could change your life!  

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Stephanie for review


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