Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tiny Prints.....Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

So have you picked out that special Valentine's Day card for that special someone yet? If you have not (or if the one you picked out isn't all that special), I've got a tip for you. Visit Treat and make a personalized Valentine's Day card, so much better than your every day card that everyone else had picked out!  Be original!!!

Valentines Day Greeting Cards from Treat

Here are some of their most popular cards for him and her.

For Him
Bee My Love Valentine Cards
Bee My Love

Plenty of Passion Valentine Cards
Plenty of Passion

Sublime Shapes Valentine Cards
Sublime Shapes

For Her

Surrounding Hearts Valentine Cards
Surrounding Hearts
Beloved Beauty Valentine Cards
Beloved Beauty
Delicious Dessert Valentine Cards
Delicious Desserts
Also, if you need cards for your kids' classroom, check out their sister site, Tiny Prints, for the best classroom Valentines! If you do so by January 30 and use the promo code 20JANSW you can save 20% on your entire order!

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