Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review: The Beloved Stranger

Beloved Author Grace Livingston Hill Returns in a Stunning New Series
A Fresh Look at Well-Loved Classics

Uhrichsville, OH – One of the most beloved Christian romance writers of all time returns in the stunning Love Endures series. Featuring some of Grace Livingston Hills’ most beloved classics—lightly updated for today’s reader—these adored titles will delight both longtime fans and those new to these treasured stories.

About the Author

Grace Livingston Hill (1865-1947) is known as the pioneer of Christian romance. Grace wrote over a hundred faith-inspired books during her lifetime. When her first husband died leaving her with two daughters to raise, writing became a way to make a living, but she always recognized storytelling as a way to share her faith in God. She has touched countless lives through the years and continues to touch lives today. Her books feature moving stories, delightful characters, and love in its purest form.

When Sherrill Cameron stumbles on her fiance and his secretary in a passionate discussion minutes before her wedding ceremony, she is stunned - although her choice is painfully clear: Carter must marry Arla, not her.  But as the substitute bride and Sherrill's former lover say "I do," suddenly nothing is certain, and Sherrill is convinced that nothing could ever heal her hurt.

....until the day's gloom is brightened by a handsome stranger who offers constant and comforting help.  Graham Copeland seems to be the answer to Sherrill's every need and prayer, and despite uncertainty, Sherrill finds herself falling for Graham's charm.  then with one startling discovery, his welcome presence turns sour, and Sherrill is left to doubts.  Is Graham the true beloved stranger Sherrill thought he was?

This book was simply stunning, one minute I had opened the book and before I knew it I was out of breath and half way through the entire story.  I couldn't wait to go to bed the following night to finish it off!  Grace Livingston Hill wrote this book in such a way that you will be thrust into the life of Sherrill and her sweet old aunt, Pat and taken along for a ride that you won't quite believe is happening!

Quite seriously, these two characters have more energy, more shenanigan's, and more love in their hearts than anyone I have read about lately.  This is a story about faith, hope and trust with a whole lot of fun thrown in!

A new book will be released each month through June, you're going to fall in love with this series, and as for me, I can't wait to receive the next book for review!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for review from Barbour books


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