Saturday, August 13, 2011

Left-Handers Day!

WOW....when I logged into Yahoo this morning the side bar caught my eye. Did you know that today is Left-Handers day? To all of you right-handed people it probably doesn't matter, but I'm a lefty and I thought it was kind of neat!

Here's an entire site dedicated to those of us! and below is a song I found on the site!

Left-Handers Lament by Ian Radburn

Now here's the story of my life,
I've had fun but lots of strife,
For I was born left-handed, but I'm proud
To be one of the elite, right-handers we can beat
We're the 10% that stand out from the crowd!
But as a little lad, oh the problems that I had
Winding clockwork toys was just a mystery
Tying laces was a pain, couldn't get it in my brain
Everything was back-to-front it seemed to me
We're the Cack-Handed Kings, we're the LEFTIES
You right-handers just haven't got a clue
'Cos if you'd been through what we've been through
Then maybe you would feel superior too!

At 5 I started school where I was treated like a fool
Being left-handed I stood out from the pack
And learning how to write was not a struggle - more a fight
For I had my left hand tied behind my back

"Now get it in your head" the sympathetic teacher said
"You use the right and not the Devil's side"
Those supposed men of vision caused me pain and such derision
Is it any wonder often times I cried?

We're the Gibble Fisted Friends, we're the LEFTIES (repeat chorus)
Time then came when my voice dropped
And my face was one big spot
But I was glad to see my teenage years arrive,
Because I use my left, I was different from the rest
And the girls saw me as something of a prize!
I learned some handy tricks in the back row of the flicks
It used to drive my girlfriends all berserk
For their eyes would keep apace of my right hand - just in case
And they never saw my left one go to work!
We're the Southpawed Princes, we're the LEFTIES (repeat chorus)
Well I'm married now, worst luck
But my wife has given up
Asking me to help with chores like peeling spuds,
Or trying to cut the bread, I'll get a 4 x 2" wedge
Lose three fingertips and half a pint of blood
I would love to be a dad, but we've hit a little snag
If you can help please tell us what to do
The problem simply said, is that I'm a left-hand thread
But my wife you see, now she's a right-hand .....OH, YES WE'RE THE
Scrummy-Handed Heroes, we're the LEFTIES (repeat chorus)
Now we reach today, where you stand and watch me play
And yes, I play right-handed it is true
For the very simple fact is that I've had to adapt
Something all we southpaws have to try and do

We have trouble tying ties, writing cheques out, using knives
and scissors made for use in your right hand
And when it comes to sport once again we are left short
In hockey and in polo we are banned
We're the Cuddy Wifter Winners, we're the LEFTIES (repeat chorus)
Now I've finished off my song and as you move along
Please bear in mind the things I've had to say
And please show some respect for your friends who use the left
Thanks for listening to me this Left-Handers Day.
Copyright: Ian Radburn, 2004

In honor of left-hander day I'd love to hear some stories, if you're a lefty tell us about it, if you're not, I'm sure you've encountered one of us, any funny stories?!

I'll start:  This isn't a funny story, just something that always annoyed me.  In school I ALWAYS had pen smudges all over my pinky finger due to the fact that when I write the rest of my hand follows the pen as opposed to right handed people who's hand goes before the pen!  Also, remember the desks, you slide in from the left and the writing table/arm rest in on the right?  Well, I spend all of my time in high school with my elbow flopping in the wind while I did my writing, drove me crazy!



  1. Only just found out that today was Lefties day and I am almost off to bed. :)

    Door handles are difficult,
    can openers,
    fountain pens (always told off for smudging work)

    learning to knit. My nana sat me on her lap instead of opposite me.

    so glad to get rid of cheques, as I could not fill in cheque stub.

    Happy Lefties day


  2. Tablets are rather annoying as well! As far as knitting, no one wanted to teach me, so I sat down and taught myself! I figure it has to be pretty good for your brain to teach yourself to be able to do things in reverse of the directions you're looking at!



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