Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book Review: A Reluctant Queen

A Reluctant Queen: The Love Story of Esther

Joan Wolf was born in New York City but has lived most of her adult life with her husband in Connecticut, where she raised two children and countless numbers of assorted animals. Joan is the author of numerous historical novels including The Road to Avalon which Publishers Weekly lauded as “historical fiction at its finest.”

For more about Joan and her other books, please visit www.joanwolf.com.

She was a simple girl faced with an impossible choice.  He was a magnificent king with a lonely heart.

Their love was the divine surprise that changed the course of history.

The beloved story of Esther springs to fresh life in this inspired novel that vibrates with mystery, intrigue and romance.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I have read several books based on Bible stories and the story of Esther was simply wonderful.  Esther came to life and you could feel her heartbreak while reading her story, a simple girl thrown into an impossible situation.  While King Ahasuerus would have been easy to dislike due to his history you can't help but fall for him as Esther softens his heart, as a first Christian book author, Joan Wolf has done a wonderful job depicting these Bible characters, King Ahasuerus was entirely made-up, but it did not take from the story in any way and Joan Wolf explains her reasons for making changes to the true Bible story.

A very enjoyable read, one that I will gladly read again and recommend to others!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for review from Litfuse Publishing.


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