Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book Review: The Fine Art of Insincerity

The Fine Art of Insincerity: A Novel

ABOUT THE BOOK:  (Back Cover)
Three Southern Sisters with nine marriages among them-and more looming on the horizon-travel to St. Simons Island to empty their late grandmother's house.  Ginger, the eldest, wonders if she's the only one who hasn't inherited what their family calls "the Grandma Gene"-the tendency to enjoy the casualness of courtship more than the intimacy of marriage.  Could it be that her sisters are fated to serially marry, just like their seven-times-wed grandmothers, Lillian Irene Harper Winslow Goldstein Carey James Bobrinski Gordon George?

Marital frustrations collide with poignant memories when the sisters gather to close up Grandma's treasured beach house for the last time.  One sister faces her husband's infidelity, one plots the end of her life in pursuit of love, and one toys with the idea of leaving her loving but dull husband as the task at hand reminds them of their grandmother's love and life lessons.  This "girls only" weekend forces them to finally unpack their family baggage, examine their relationship DNA, and discover the true legacy their much-marrying grandmother left behind.

This is a great read and deals with several real life issues, divorce, love, and emotional baggage that can cause a broken heart.  God can heal if you're willing and the characters in this book definitely need healing, or at least help in getting over the "Grandma Gene".

If you have a sister you'll want to read this book, and as you read it you'll realize that any of the characters in this book could one day be you!

This is a great read, one that should top your summer reading list!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for review from Glass Road Publications


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