Sunday, January 9, 2011

Knit Dishcloth: 1 of 24

Well...I know my blog is supposed to be about Knits, Reads and Reviews but I've been a bit lacking in the knitting department. I belong to a few yahoo knitting groups, one of them put out 2 dishcloth patterns per month, it's a year long challenge to see who many in the group actually knit all 24 cloths. I decided that I'm going to do better this year, well, that won't be difficult since I didn't really follow the group that well last year!

But enough about that and on with the photo of Dishcloth #1 in the challenge!

I'm pretty happy with it, it's quite a bit bigger than I like my cloths to be and I wish the Happy 2011 showed up a little better in the middle...but hey, I'm using it to wash dishes, right?!

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