Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make an envelope tutorial

Plain old store bought envelopes are boring, here's a cheap way to make some envelopes that will make a statement!

First you need your paper, what better than to recycle an old calendar, or if you're like me and don't have one then buy a new one.....I went to Michael's the other day and bought a bunch of calendar's.....2011 calendar's for .50 cents!!!

Take an envelope, open it up to use as your template and place it on your calendar page

Take a rule and mark your edges, after the 4 edges are marked go back and do the corners

Trace the corners and mark where the creases need to go

Here's the finished tracing and markings....then cut it out

Use your ruler, line it up at your corners to make a crease

After creasing the 4 edges, fold them up

Once your envelopes are folded use double sided tape or glue dots to hold the flaps together

You're saving $$$ already!  Beware:  Once you make a few of these you'll be hooked, you simply cannot stop at one envelope!



  1. I like you envelope ideas. I have not made envelopes in years.

  2. Fab envelopes! Great tip.

    I have tagged u on my blog as a new blog I have recently found! :)



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