Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oolong Dead, book review

Oolong Dead
by Laura Childs


In Oolong Dead, Laura Childs quickly entertains you with the mixture of murder and mayhem. When Theodosia is literally thrown from her horse and lands near a dead body she is brought to the quick realization that it is the body of her ex's sister. Will Theodosia be prime suspect after a heated argument with the victim, or will she become the hunted, next in line for murder? As the author takes you on a day to day journey in the life of Theodosia you go from sipping tea in her shop to chasing clues. The watchful eye of the murderer never strays far from Theodsia, but how far will she be allowed to go before she too is left for dead?

I thoroughly enjoyed Oolong Dead, it's been some time since I've read a mystery, now I'm hooked on Laura Childs and will definitely read her other books. This wasn't just a mystery, the book brought you into Theodosia's life and you lived each day of her life as if you were by her side, very entertaining and a pleasant read compared to some of the more gruesome mysteries I've read! I definitely recommend this book.

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