Friday, January 10, 2014

Athleta Skirt Review

I've decided that this year I need to make my blog more exciting, books are exciting, yes...but I want to add more, so I'm going to begin adding my sewing projects and other DIY projects, cooking, crafting, and even reviews on random purchases I a nutshell....things I love!

Maybe even some I don't.

Should I change the name of my blog, or keep it? I thought about starting an entirely new blog, but decided to just go with the flow! begin I have to tell you about the most amazing skirt...ever. Ever? Probably not, but for the moment it is! In the past year I have fallen in love with Athleta, if you haven't heard of them they carry Yoga, sporty clothing. Now, I'm not into exercise...sounds terrible I know, I'm trying to do better, but I really love active wear. Yes, Athleta is spendy, but I have a GAP visa credit card which I use everywhere and earn points which help out my purchases...and then I go through swagbucks and earn points there as well! It's all in the technique my friends! latest find was the Wherever Skort. It was a birthday present to myself....I anxiously waited and waited for it to it appeared, I immediately took it out of the package, ironed it, and put it on. LOVE IT. I life must be a bit lame if that's the highlight of my day.
Wherever Skort
Wherever Skort...mine is Khakini, instead of this color!

I'm about to take my pooch on a walk, he's been looking at me through the door with sad puppy eyes, you know, those eyes that make you melt?  ....and yup, I'm walking in my new skort...I'll probably bike in it too, on my vintage Schwinn Breeze...that's another story!

I am not affliated with Athleta in any way, just doing this review for fun, the skirt fits true to size, very flattering, does wrinkle easily, and unlike many of their skorts there is no rubber around the legs which makes it more comfy....some do not like the extra fabric around the waist....I think it's cute and does not add any bulk.  The fabric is very lightweight, not your usual sport skirt fabric.  Pretty sure I'm going to own one in another color sooner than later!

What's your favorite store for sport fashion?

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