Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Book Review: Snow on Tulips

Snow on the TulipsA stranger’s life hangs in the balance. But to save him is to risk everything.

The war is drawing to a close, but the Nazis still occupy part of the Netherlands. After the losses she’s endured, war widow Cornelia is only a shadow of the woman she once was. She fights now to protect her younger brother, Johan, who lives in hiding.

When Johan brings Gerrit Laninga, a wounded Dutch Resistance member, to Cornelia’s doorstep, their  lives are forever altered. Although scared of the consequences of harboring a wanted man, Cornelia’s faith won’t let her turn him out.

As she nurses Gerrit back to health, she is drawn to his fierce passion and ideals, and notices a shift within herself. Gerrit’s intensity challenges her, making her want to live fully, despite the fear that constrains her. When the opportunity to join him in the Resistance presents itself, Cornelia must summon every ounce of courage imaginable.

She is as terrified of loving Gerrit as she is of losing him. But as the winter landscape thaws, so too does her heart. Will she get a second chance at true love? She fears their story will end before it even begins.

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This book is every bit as beautiful as the cover, beautiful, dangerous and hopeful.

I truly loved this book, I felt the trembling and the fear of the characters, I felt their hope and their love.

Cornelia has lost her husband to the war, her brother, thought gone has appeared and she is hiding him, a rebel, left for dead in the Nazi shooting line survives and is brought to her door, how much can a woman take?

As the story goes on, Cornelia has to face her fears, she finds strength, but what will she do....she has choices to make, choices that mean life or death not only to her, but to those she loves.

This story will evoke fear and you'll be able to hear the Nazi's footsteps, their gunshots and you'll be able to smell the fear of the survivors.  This story is 'real' and heartfelt, an excellent read.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for review from Litfuse Publicity


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