Saturday, July 20, 2013

Knitting Humor

I just saw this on Pinterest and had to share it.....for me it's not just winter, it's every season!  I had a sweater, ok 2 or 3 sitting on needles and they've been there so long that I will probably never finish them, but keep them on the needles because some day I just might!

As for the socks, I can get one done just fine, it's the second one I have a problem with, so if you know of any one footed people, I have socks for them!

The scarf....just a straight knit scarf drives me has to have a fancy pattern or I get bored.

Give me a wash cloth any day!  I can pop them out in a few hours, just got done making 5 for my daughter...she's off to college soon.

I admit it, I have knitting ADD how about you?


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  1. Yes, sometimes I get Knitting ADD, but mostly I'm a faithful monogamous knitter! LOL


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