Friday, June 8, 2012

Book Review: Son of the Underground


Isaac Liu, the son of Brother Yun, tells his own story of growing up under the hostile eyes of the Chinese authorities
In the months before Isaac's birth, Brother Yun was in prison. His mother was about to be forced into having an abortion, though seven months pregnant, because she was carrying the child of an enemy of the state.

After desperate prayer, the night before she was due to go into a hospital for the operation, she miraculously gave birth.

Isaac met his father for the first time at the age of four. With Brother Yun constantly on the run, and his mother working to feed the family, Isaac's grandmother cared for him. One day his mother was also arrested. Isaac and his sister were swiftly taken by local Christians to another town, where they registered at a school under false names. The family finally managed to flee to Burma, then to Thailand, and ultimately to Germany.

Isaac's mother had prayed that God would not call her son to be an evangelist--but his father had dedicated him to God. Isaac, now in his twenties, has embraced the call to be a pastor.

A very good book.  It's easy to forget how lucky we are in the United States, this book serves as a reminder that not everyone is able to worship openly, and that many people are jailed or face death when they are caught following God.

It's amazing how Isaac and his family pushed on regardless of the battles they face, it's amazing how Isaac's father was able to survive his prison sentences, they did not become bitter, they had their moments, but in the end they remained strong and faithful.

This book will make you think about your level of faith, and it will make you feel extremely grateful.

Click HERE to read an excerpt

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for review from Kregel Publications.


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