Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aboriginal Gold

Have you heard of Aboriginal Gold?  It's an amazing product, the cleansing bar is gentle on your skin and great for Impetigo, Infection, Poison Ivy/Oak, Itching and more!  The cream works great for Impetigo, Infection, Poison Ivy/Oak and Itching as well, but is also great for Athlete's Foot, Eczema, Burns, Boils, Shingles, Warts, Acne, Age Spots, Ring Worm, Scar Tissue, Rosacea and more!!!  You can also purchase an Aboriginal Gold Facial Clay Mask, and Anti-Dandruff shampoo, I have not tried the Mask or Shampoo, but am loving the cream for my dry skin.

True Story:  My mom had a fungal infection on her chin, the dr. gave her several prescriptions that did not clear it up, finally after a year she learned about Aboriginal Gold Cream, she gave it a try and within approx. a week her chin cleared up!  She was pretty excited!

About the Product
For centuries, Australian aborigines have survived in extreme environmental conditions that challenged their skin. Fortunately, they discovered Centipeda C., an extract from daisies with remarkable skin soothing and healing properties. Now, their treasure is available in Aboriginal Gold, a product series that provides natural solutions for skin, hair, and scalp.

Are you wondering where to buy this product?  From me!  It is one of many products that we sell at Unicity, Unicity Bios Life is not just for weight loss, we have skin care, supplements and more, if you'd like to give this product a try send me an email, and/or check out my website at


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