Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Fiction Fling: Book #1

For the next 6 weeks I will be posting information about a different book, but no review, just some teasers to get you interested!

Book of the week: Katie's Choice

A Novel
by Tracey Langford
Katie's Choice is a story about a winsome young woman named Katie who finds herself pregnant, and her hard-living mother, Daria, who pressures her to get an abortion. Katie meets with a nurse in an abortion clinic and speaks to a counselor at a pregnancy resource center. She decides an abortion is her best choice. Katie attempts to move on with her life, start a career, and finds herself falling in love with a Christian man. But her past continues to haunt her.

She thought she had chosen freedom and a future; but shame and regret haunt her and keep her inner life a closed book even to the man she loves. Love, truth and grace pursue Katie, though, until her defenses finally crumble. This moving tale of redemption chronicles an emotional journey out of self-loathing and spiritual denial into hope and life-changing love.

Debut novelist Tracey Langford was strongly encouraged to "reduce" her own pregnancy. She declined, and now is the proud homeschooling mother of quadruplets. As part of her research, Tracey sat in mock interviews with counselors at pregnancy centers, role-playing the part of a troubled pregnant girl.

Would you like to read Chapter 1?
Or watch a YouTube video of the Author's Interview?

If all that got you interested in the book, here's where you can purchase it!

Trade Paperback
436 pgs
Available at: and through most stores and online retailers.

Available from the publisher at's-Choice.html, where it is on sale this week for the discounted price of $12.00

I hope you enjoyed this little teaser, I am posting on behalf of Cladach and will receive a complimentary copy of this book once the 6 week Fall Fiction Fling is over!


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