Monday, November 9, 2009

Book Review and Blog Tour

Thanks to Staci C. at Random House I was given this book to review, I am not paid for my opinions.

White Picket Fences, by Susan Meissner is another book that I read through in one evening, simply too good to put down, even at 3:00 a.m.!

Teenagers, Holocaust survivors, and a Black Sheep of the family all come together in unexpected ways to teach us many lessons about love, life and family in this book! You would never imagine a few teenagers to bond with a couple of old men in a nursing home, but not only do they bond, but Susan Meissner weaves a tail of intrigue that keeps you interested in this entirely believeable story. Tally, a sixteen year old is left alone with her grandmother who unexpectedly dies, leaving only Amanda, her aunt to care for her, a normal life is not what comes along with Tally once she begins school and takes a class with her cousin Chase. Chase has secrets, his parents have secrets, but they do not realize the pain the secrets are going to bring. Read this book to find how secrets and survivors all work together to bring a family back together and towards healing.

I definately recommend this book, Susan Meissner brings out the best and worst in her characters, and reaches into their inner beings as she tells the story of White Picket Fences.

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