Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heart Break Pill Book Review

Anjanette Delgado reaches any woman who has ever been in love and had her heart broken in her book, The Heartbreak Pill. Erika Luna is happily married, or so she thinks, until her husband leaves her for another woman. Erika goes through the usual agonies of a broken marriage, but she puts her feelings to work. While creating The Heartbreak Pill she has tantrums, bouts of love, confusion and many funny moments which delve into our deepest human emotions. While developing her pill she not only learns about herself but comes to terms with her lost marriage in this most unusual book about love and heartbreak.

I recommend this book, it was a nice new twist on love and break-up. Not your normal loves go bad kind of book but one that will make you think about the heart. How many times does one laugh over heartbreak? Anjanette Delgado supplies the laughter as well as the imagination!

After Hours at the Almost Home Book Review

After Hours at the Almost Home, by Tara Yellen

After Hours at the Almost Home, by Tara Yellen is a book that makes you think, is home your house or where you spend most of your time? This book is a whirlwind of characters, thoughts and feelings. As you spend a night working in the bar, Almost Home, you learn about each character. JJ, a new employee gives us the opportunity to see each character from the eyes of an outsider while we learn more intimate details from those who have worked together longer. This book makes you wonder, do these people not want to go home, do they feel more comfortable at work? One begins to feel as though work is home. Will Colleen learn to be a better parent, will Lena stop irritating everyone, what about Marna, where did she disappear to? As you read these characters almost find themselves, but yet tend to leave you hanging.

This was an interesting book, the scene was very limited, but the characters were quite vibrant. I would recommend this book because of the insight you can receive by just reading and thinking about the characters in the story. As yourself the question: what is home? By reading this book, you may have a better answer to the question, it will at least make you think, and appreciate.


Here's the little gnome I knitted, it's a great way to use up those partial skeins of yarn!

Review: Roast Beef's Promise

When Roastbeef's dad passes away Roastbeef fulfills his dying have his ashes scattered over 48 states. From stabbing a man with a toothpick, to stolen cars and many other wild adventures Roastbeef takes you on quite a journey. This is one road trip that will surprise you at every turn as Roastbeef puts his dad's ashes in unbelievable places.
This was a good read, not as funny as I had been lead to believe, but I did get a few laughs and read the book in less than a day. I would recommend this book, it is lighthearted, but yet, something we can all relate to.